Sunday, March 29, 2009

Boggs IV aftermath

This weekend was AWESOME with a capital MAD CAT. Our team had a blast and kicked butt to boot. 4 podium finishes and 28 MAd Cats entered in the race.... 28! This has to be the largest showing of our "pride" at any given event.

Most of us met up early on Friday morning at the shop and caravanned over to Boggs. We got set up and did a pre-ride get a feel for the wonderful trail conditions. The course could not have been in better shape. Super tacky, no dust, no mud. PERFECT! The weather was even better, hitting the upper 60's/low 70's and very little breeze. We partied a little that night and got up early to post our pits near the course.

Let me preface this next part with the fact that I wanted to complete 9 laps. I did 7 last year and was in much better shape this time around.

The start came fast, so fast I almost missed it. I guess next time, I'll listen to which group leaves first.. :-) I jumped in right at the start and headed out. I held back on my energy, knowing fully what the day had in store, but somehow still pulled out about a 48 minute lap, followed my another, then started to taper. On lap 3, I couldn't stop thinking about pop tarts and food in general, then made the mistake of eating a whole salami sandwich and pop tart before lap 4. My lap time slowed and I started to develop a headache, which I believe was from the nitrates in the salami (common trigger occurance for me, but I didn't think about it in my depleted state of hunger).

By lap 5, I had a fully developed tension headache that was not going to disappear. I stopped, rested, ate, and re-hydrated to no avail. I ended up pulling out and taking some vicodin to ease the pain. A few hours later, I was good... but the race complete.

I'm pretty disappointed in myself for not thinking about the salami trigger, but oh well... it tasted good in the moment. I had a great race despite the early finish and am looking forward to next year already. I think I'll opt for quiche next time around. :-)

That evening we witnessed the awards, won a few things in the raffle, partied and hung out by the fire. Chad facilitated a "chubby bunny" contest to see who could fit the most marshmellows in their mouth. Yvette won with something like 14 I think? Crazy!

This morning (Sunday) we packed up and headed out around 10 to get home and clean up. Awesome, Awesome weekend, that could not have been better (maybe a little minus the salami)! There's nothing better than a good camping weekend with bikes, friends and good weather!

Now we look forward to many fun Wednesday eves at Prairie City.

Peace.. Papa.


Dirty Mike said...

Nice Race fellas. Got a good over the shoulder pic of one of you guys. Its on my flickr page

Dirty Mike said...
Here's the link